Anxiety Intervention Pack

This intervention pack has been developed by the CAMHS Primary Mental Health Team for use in by school staff and healthy family team practitioners.
It has been designed to guide support sessions for children and young people who may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety. It includes a selection of worksheets and a range of interventions.

Activities should always be tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

This is intended as a guide only and we would suggest regular review of symptoms and discussing any concerns you may have with your colleagues and the Primary Mental Health Team where necessary

The below is also Available as a Complete Pack

Session 1 – Engagement

Solution Focussed Workbook

Goals setting

Session 3- Behaviour

Changing my Behaviour Workbook

Ladder Exercise

ABC worksheet

Session 6 – Endings

This session is about reviewing the sessions and planning for the future

Review goals set in the first session

Relapse Prevention

How to relax quick

Resilience planning

Celebration and certificate