Attainment Information

Each year the Department for Education publish a number of performance tables to provide a comparison between schools both locally and across the country.
The data in these tables ranges significantly and includes;

Exam performance
Progress measures
Staffing comparisons
Number of students and pupils on roll

We have included a link to the latest information published by the Department for Education on The Becket School here.

We have provided a second link which compares The Becket School with other secondary schools across Nottinghamshire here.

Also we can compare the Becket School to similar schools, which means schools across England whose key stage 4 pupils had similar achievement at the end of key stage 2 . These figures are based on the most recent data available see here.

If you have questions about any of this information, please contact the school and we will happily provide further clarification.

Nottingham Post Article showing The Becket School in differing categories
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