University Costs and Fees

Although tuition fees and living costs are a major factor when considering applying to University, Higher Education can be seen as an investment with degree holders earning an average of £12,000 a year more than non-graduates over the last decade. In addition graduate earnings have increased faster for each year of age and they have also increased for longer.

All students are given practical advice in Year 13 about the process of applying for student finance. Student Finance England come into school to speak with the students and also carry out a separate event for parents/carers.

Currently the majority of universities charge students a maximum £9,250 in tuition fees per academic year. You are not required to start repaying your loan before you graduate and until you earn over £21,000.

Getting Started

To start your process of registering go to the student finance website . This will allow you to register and has lots of useful advice for sorting out your funding for university fees and maintenance loans.