Dress Code

Our School Dress Code

There is no standard uniform in the Sixth form but students should remember that it is a formal working environment and dress in a way that does not detract from this. All clothing must also meet Health and Safety requirements. The dress code is outlined below:

None of the following are permitted in school:

● Offensive slogans on any clothing
● Flip-flops or sliders
● Very short skirts or shorts
● Any gym wear (including track suits, lycra leggings or shorts, football shirts or shorts)
● Ripped jeans
● Vest tops with very thin straps
● Crop tops that expose the midriff
● Hats/headwear, with the exception of that worn for religious or cultural reasons.


It  is important that all sixth form students MUST wear their ID badge with the provided lanyard around their neck, so it is visible. This is a legal requirement.The above is not an exhaustive list and the Sixth Form Team will make judgments based on their view of an individual’s clothing. Any student who is deemed inappropriately dressed will be asked to go home to change.