A Level Results & Performance Tables

Outstanding A-Level Results

Leavers success

This year we are celebrating the success of our wonderful and talented leavers who have succeeded amidst very challenging circumstances. With grace and dignity our students have faced the unprecedented situation of a global pandemic, and significant disruption to their A Level studies. They worked incredibly hard to show off their skills, knowledge and progress all through their time at The Becket School. We admire them and congratulate them!


They have achieved extraordinary success in their final examination results, and performed above national. 41% of all grades awarded were either A* or A, and 19% of all grades were actually A*, the very highest available. 67% of grades were A*, A and B, showing the ability of Becket students to be worthy of those prized grades. 8 of our students were awarded three, or even four, A* grades.
A Level ResultsThe Becket SixthNational
A* - A41%36%
A* - B67%62%
A* - C85%82%
A* - E (pass rate)100%98%