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Introduction to our Careers programme

It is the vision of the school that all students should aim to ‘Work hard, be kind and do the right thing’ in all aspects of their education and become the most employable young people by the time they leave school.

We recognise that guidance should be provided that is in the best interests of the young person, is presented in an impartial manner and that good careers guidance is distinctive to the needs of individual students.


Careers Knowledge Books

Year 7
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Our aims are:

  • To provide a range of activities that inspire young people
  • To enable students to develop knowledge and understanding of themselves as individuals – their strengths and limitations, abilities, personal qualities, potential, needs, attitudes, values
  • To raise aspirations and increase awareness of the world in which students live and the wide range of education, training, employment and other career opportunities that are available. This will include awareness that gender should not limit career choices.
  • To build strong links with employers and employees who can help to boost young people’s attitudes and employability skills and inform them about the range of roles and opportunities
  • To enable students to make informed choices about their own continuing progression and development in education or employment.
  • To enable students to cope with change and manage effectively the transition from school to continuing education, working and adult life.

The school monitors and assesses the impact of the stable careers programme regularly during the year. In the first instance, we measure and assess it against the Gatsby Career Benchmarks using Compass Assessment Framework.

In addition to this we use feedback from students, parents/guardians, teachers and employers, alongside using destination data of Year 11 and Year 13. Using this information we adjust and align our career programme so that it is suitable and successful for all of our young people.

Some examples of how we monitor our programme include:

Year 12 Careers fair – verbal feedback from the pupils and written or verbal feedback from the exhibitors.

MOCK interview day – surveys taken from both the pupils and employers.

Work experience week – surveys taken from both the pupils and the work experience providers. Contact is also made with each placement during the week.

One-to-one careers interviews – All the pupils that have a careers interview are asked for feedback on this service.

Our current Careers Lead is Kirsty Salisbury.

Mrs Salisbury can be contacted via

Or you can contact her via the school 0115 9824280

Please see below our Careers Policies

Careers Policy

Baker Clause Policy Statement

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is on the first floor, above the main reception.

The room number is B8. Mrs Webster and Mrs McLaren are always happy to help you so please come and ask if you need help with finding a book, doing some research or anything else.

You can contact to ask a question or reserve a book:

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Find out about the different ways you can gain the work experience you need to impress employers and get hired, whether or not you go to university first

Make the most of your work experience by finding out what to wear, how to impress and what you should do once it is completed:

Hi, I am Alex Edwards, Marketing Director for sacked store.

Sacked Store is the Becket schools Young enterprise company of 21/22, young enterprise is a nationwide competition which essentially allows a school to enter a group of students as a team and create their own business from scratch. This business can make anything, some companies we have come across this year have made wax melts, dog toys, and one school even made a book!

Alex Edwards and all the team at Sacked Store

Our company’s product is upcycled coffee sacks, primarily made into tote bags, however more products are currently in the works. Our tote bags are made from upcycled hessian sacks used to ship coffee beans from South America to the UK. The sacks are collected from our suppliers, and cut to the correct shape of our bags, the bags are then carefully lined with a sustainable calico lining which proves to be a great finish to the interior of the bag. All of our bags are unique, this provides every customer with their very own, one of a kind tote bag that will last a lifetime. Here at sacked store we value the environment and sustainability very highly, therefore we strive to do what we can for the environment and only use sustainable and environmentally friendly components in our products.

We have been very successful in the competition so far, initially winning out of all the teams in Nottinghamshire, winning the awards for BEST FINANCING, BEST MARKET STALL, and finally the COMPANY OF THE YEAR. We then won the regionals, this time we won the award for the BEST PROMOTIONAL VIDEO along with the COMPANY OF THE YEAR award.

This means that we are now in the national finals, representing the east midlands against opponents such as Scotland, Wales and Gibraltar. However, it has been a journey that has been filled with many bumps and bruises along the way and we have had to overcome many challenges with getting our product manufactured to the highest standard possible. We went through many different prototypes that we decided collectively were not up to our company standard. We also had to learn how to effectively work as a team to overcome our challenges, working together to create a product that we love, and that our customers love.

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