Applying To Universities

Is university right for you?

A university education has many positive plus points but it is not the right route for every student. You don’t have to go to university to be successful. Many top athletes, musicians and business people choose not to attend university, and go on to do great things. However in many areas of life, a university degree is essential.

In the end the decision to apply will be down to you. If you decide it’s what you want, you will need to fully understand the application process and decide on your course.

Over 97% of our students from The Becket Sixth Form year on year make a decision to apply to university. Support and advice is given as early as the autumn term of Year 12. This is led by the Careers and UCAS Leader and supported by tutors and external providers. All of our students are registered with the Unifrog careers website. Unifrog allows students to research every university course in the country including their entry requirements and also allows students to record their extra and super-curricular activities and plan for their personal statement.

Why University?

With over 37,000 courses on offer and over 360 institutions in the UK there is ample choice for every student to take the opportunity of a university education. For all those considering applying then four questions should be considered before embarking on this route;

Will I be able to do it? Will I enjoy it? What job opportunities will it lead to? Will this be a good place for me to do it?

Some benefits of applying to University include;

  • An opportunity to explore an existing academic interest or study a new subject in depth.
  • Encourages personal development.
  • Graduates earn higher salaries and have greater employability.
  • Opportunity to study abroad/industrial placement.

Having decided that university is right for you, you will need to complete a UCAS application.

All applications are handled centrally by UCAS. This means that whichever university and course to which you are applying, you apply through UCAS and not directly with your chosen universities.

You can make up to five choices on your UCAS form. There are some exceptions, for example if you plan on studying a Medical, Veterinary or Dentistry course.

If you decide to apply to Oxbridge you can only chose one but still put down up to four other universities. Some universities also require that you sit special admissions tests such as BMAT (medicine) and LNAT (Law).

When applying though school you need to use our unique ‘buzzword’ which will appear on the notice boards in the Sixth Form Centre.

Students are given a wide variety of support and advice on return to school in June in preparation for university application. An organised programme of events and activities is provided for all students during enrichment week. This includes writing personal statements and CV’s, choosing courses and universities and a visit to a local university.

In addition the annual Careers Fair not only focuses on future career choices but the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics with representatives from several universities.

Support is given individually to all students with university applications either from their tutor or the Careers and UCAS Leader. This consists of visits to universities, advice on work experience and in maintaining a record of academic wider reading which can be used when writing personal statements or attending interviews.

Prospective Oxbridge, medical, veterinary and dentistry applicants all receive early support in order to meet the earlier application deadline.