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Ruth Cotter – Lay Chaplain

Joe Martin – Lay Chaplain

12th week in Ordinary Time

Our Word of the Week this week is

The gift of knowledge is another gift we are blessed with from the Holy Spirit. It might sound very simple but you’ll often hear people say “knowledge is power”. When you take the time to learn about the world around you, you can start to see just what God has created for us. When you learn something new you grow as a person. Think this week about how much you learn at school and what you can learn this week. Take the time to ask a question or read a book and improve your knowledge this week.

Leader/Young person: “Good morning, let us start our prayer by making the Sign of the Cross.”

All: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Word of the Week

This week’s reflection on the theme knowledge

Mid way through the video there is a mini quiz to test your knowledge, make sure to pause the video quickly after each question so you have time to answer the question in your classes before the correct answer is revealed!