Curriculum structure KS3 and KS4

Curriculum structure KS3 and KS4 including Options

Throughout Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9) and Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) we provide an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum for all our learners.

Our curriculum design has been long standing and we are very proud of our high expectations for all learners to follow an English Baccalaureate (EBacc) curriculum from Year 7 right through to Year 11. This means that where most students will study Math’s, English Language and literature, Science, a humanities (History or Geography) and a Modern Foreign Language (French or German) until Year 11. The EBacc is not a qualification in its own right– it’s a combination of GCSE subjects, including a language, that offer an important range of knowledge and skills to young people.

The arts, technology and music are not included in the EBacc, however at the Becket School we see them as an important aspect of the students education. We have therefore ensured that all students are exposed to range of these subjects throughout Year 7-9 and that they are able to select one of these subjects for their GCSE option.

Please find below a general outline of our curriculum structure for each year group.

Year 7 and 8

In Year 7 students will study a broad range of subjects. At the end of Year 7 students will choose between German or French. This allows them more curriculum time in one Modern Foreign Languages going into Year 8 to build skills and foundational knowledge in preparation for their Language GCSE. In Year 8 students carry on with their broad balanced curriculum. Below shows the lesson allocation for each of the subjects studied over a week (25 periods). At the end of Year 8 they select whether they wish to carry on study either History or Geography into Year 9.

Year 9

Year 9 is very much a bridging year between Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Their programs of study have an increased focus of developing knowledge and skills to get them prepared for studying at a GCSE level. At the end of Year 9 they choose their final GCSE option from a range of subjects including Art, Computer science, Drama, Music, Food and nutrition, Design Technology and PE students start to prepare for their GCSEs and so the curriculum adapts itself with some subjects. Please find below the lesson allocation for Year 9 over the week (25 periods).

Year 10 and Year 11

In Year 10 and Year 11 students studying towards their GCSE qualifications. Most students will do a total of 9 or 10 GCSEs.

All students will study towards a GCSE in the following

  • Maths
  • English Language
  • Englis Literature
  • Science – either Combined (2 GCSE) or Tripple (3 GCSE)
  • Religious Education

The majority of students will study a language that they selected at the end of Year 7

  • French
  • German

All students will study towards a humanity GCSE which they have selected at the end of Year 8, this is either

  • Geography
  • History

Students will then select one further GCSE from the following: Art, Drama, Computer Science, PE, Music, Design Technology, Food and Nutrition.

This is the curriculum provision that MOST students take. There is a small minority, decided by the school, that follow a vocational course rather than a language GCSE. There also is a small number of students who may work towards fewer GCSEs and instead complete Princes Trust Qualifications.

Please find below the lesson allocation for Year 10 and Year 11