Year 7 enjoy excellent first term

Year 7 enjoy excellent first term
Posted On: January 9, 2017 9:09 am

Congratulations Year 7 on an excellent first term at The Becket School.

I am delighted that during last term so many of our students showed a real commitment towards both  academic work and the school’s expectations and as a result did not receive any behaviour points for the term.

As a year group your behaviour and attitude have been outstanding and we hope that you will continue to maintain such high standards this term.

Mrs Brown


Students who received no behaviour points in the first term:

7B – Lucia L, Dina M, Augustine K, Maja K, Libby C, Millie J, Erin M, Ruby M, Jessica S, Emma R.

7N – Sharon E, Robert M, Freya R, Aoife H, Cara M, William P, Joesph C, Charlotte S, Lottie T, William W, Rooth A.

7P – Jessica H, Oscar P, Sam G, Josh D, Jessica W, Rosemary B, Olivia M.

7R – Samuel W, Ella O, Sam A, Zac M, June A, Sienna W, Lucy S.

7T – Jessica K, Josie S, Phoebe C, Milly F, Ella M, Olivia W, Olga P, Grace W.