Apply to Train

Apply to Train

Apply to Train

The NCITTP will have a number of training places available for 2022-23 in Secondary subjects along with a range of Primary places.

Please click here to view all our places for 2022-23 – you can apply from 13th October 2022 onwards.

To teach you need Initial Teacher Training (ITT) based at a university, school or college in the UK.

As a postgraduate: you can apply through UCAS Teacher Training.  Click on the video link below for help and advice on completing the application:


Follow this guide for details on how to search and apply for our School Direct places:

SD Apply Diagram


Looking for our training programmes starting in September 2021? The application process for School Direct opens on 9th October for places commencing in September 2021.

Applications are made direct through UCAS by visiting

You can find further information also at  University websites:

Derby Secondary  –

Derby Primary –

Nottingham Primary –

Nottingham Secondary –



The University’s Admissions Team will conduct an initial eligibility check, to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria. Both the University and the school will then consider your application, and agree whether to invite you to interview. If you are selected for interview, you will be sent information about the course, about the school to which you have applied, and about the school-based interview, together with guidance on how to prepare. The interview will be conducted in a school, by staff from both the University and the school to which you have applied. The result of your application and interview will be communicated to you formally through the UCAS system.

School Interview

The recruitment process will involve a half day spent at the school and will include a number of activities designed to assess your aptitude and potential as well as giving you a chance to familiarise yourself with the school and some of the key members of staff involved in the programme. The process will involve a welcome and introduction to the school, a tour of the school, a presentation followed by an observed student activity, a subject knowledge discussion and an interview. You will be told in advance about the nature of the presentation and observed student activity.

After the Interview

We will inform you of our decision as soon as possible after your interview. If you are given a conditional offer of a place on the School Direct course, you will receive a pack of information from the University describing the steps you should take next. The conditional offer will become unconditional when we have received your acceptance and all the necessary clearances and documentation.

We know this is a rigorous and thorough process designed to get the best match of applicant to the places available. We and you need to be sure that teaching is for you!