Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme (SKE)

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme (SKE)

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme (SKE)

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme

Don’t hold back from applying for teacher training in maths, physics, chemistry, computing, design and technology, or a language because of your subject knowledge confidence. You may still be able to train to teach these subjects (and be eligible for the bursaries they attract) by building up or refreshing your existing knowledge with a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) programme.

The Department for Education have now confirmed funding for SKE courses for ITT candidates starting in September 2021/22.

Physics will be the first SKE course available from January 2021 with other subjects open to start from April 2021.

SKE courses are designed for ITT participants to gain the depth of knowledge needed to train to teach your chosen subject. SKE must be set as a condition for your ITT UCAS offer. It must be deemed by your ITT provider that without the SKE you would be highly unlikely to meet the subject knowledge requirements of the Teachers’ Standards by the time your ITT is completed.

Physics is open for application from January 2021. You can apply for 8 to 20 weeks length courses.

Once you have applied, your provider will be required to validate your application. On starting the course we will then apply for your bursary from the DfE if you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • SKE is set as a condition of your ITT offer
  • Your ITT subject focus and SKE match
  • Your degree in your ITT subject focus was not awarded in the last five years – this is a new requirement 
  • You have a degree 2:2 or above. Third and Ordinary degree can access course funding

Bursary payments are now £175 a week for full time study to reflect 25 hours study as set by the DfE.

Please note:

  • Geography is no longer a supported DfE funded course.
  • PE with Ebacc is still an option as an 8 week SKE. All places for ITT and EBacc will need to be agreed in advance with DfE ITT allocations.
  • MFL language trainees can take a second SKE course of 8 weeks in their main language and a longer course up to 28 weeks in the other language.
  • Part time courses are available for 8 and 12 week courses, bursary payments will reflect the fortnightly submissions rather than weekly as £87.50 a week.

Your learning will be supported by weekly pathway tutor feedback, support and monitoring as well as updates to you and your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provider.

Your subject knowledge will be assessed throughout your SKE course. There are compulsory SKE assessment points to ensure that you are engaging with the SKE course and making the progress expected of you. This is through self-assessment tasks and reflective learning diaries. Your pathway tutor will also review your session tasks completed as part of the topics you study.

Both you and your teacher training provider will receive regular checkpoint reports that will outline your progress so far, review your work for that period and suggest areas for improvement before the next checkpoint report. This is designed to structure your development and update your provider with your progress. You’ll both receive a final detailed report when you complete your course.

Who can enrol?

As part of the interview process, your provider may discuss with you whether you require an SKE as a condition of your offer for initial teacher training. If your degree is not subject-specific or you completed your degree a long time ago then our SKE courses will be perfect for you.

Please speak call us on 0115 9824280 x 4465 or email if you have any questions that you’d like answering about Subject Knowledge Enhancement.

Here’s a useful video explaining how SKE could work for you: