Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme (SKE)

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme (SKE)

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme (SKE)


Subject Knowledge Enhancement Programme

Don’t hold back from applying for teacher training in maths, physics, chemistry, computing, design and technology, or a language because of your subject knowledge confidence. You may still be able to train to teach these subjects (and be eligible for the bursaries they attract) by building up or refreshing your existing knowledge with a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) programme.

The school(s) or university you apply to for teacher training will identify if you need to complete an SKE course as part of the selection process. If they feel you need to enhance your knowledge, they may offer you a teacher training place on the condition that you undertake an SKE course. This could be because your degree wasn’t in your chosen subject, but it was closely related, or you have an A level in the subject. Or it may be that you have relevant professional experience, and an SKE course will show you how to apply that to the curriculum and your teaching.

You won’t have to pay for an SKE course; you may also be able to access an SKE bursary of up to £7,200 (depending on the course length).

Please speak call us on 0115 9824280 x 4465 or email if you have any questions that you’d like answering about Subject Knowledge Enhancement.

Here’s a useful video explaining how SKE could work for you: