Activities – Transition

Activities – Transition

Activities – Transition

Welcome to our activities page

You will find a variety of things to see and do on here and they will be appearing on a weekly basis.  We’d love you to participate in the activities, photograph what you’ve done and send it in to us.


Library resources – also known as LRC (Learning Resource Centre)

Welcome to the LRC – please click here for a welcome and introduction video to the LRC.  Below is some useful information and some fun activities for you to complete. Included in these activities is a questionnaire, completing this questionnaire will help us to find out what you like to read, so we can make sure we have the books you like!



Becket LRC Questionnaire (003)

Year 6 Transition Recommended Reading List

LRC Booklet

Corner Book Mark Competition Introduction

Corner Book Mark Instructions Page 1

Corner Book Mark Instructions Page 2

Over the summer holidays, we are holding a Summer Reading Challenge – we would love for you to accept this challenge, full details can be found by clicking here


Introduction to Science

Mrs Thorpe has made a video all about the Science labs, which includes an experiment you can carry out at home.  To access some  detailed instructions to carry out the experiment safely at home, use this link to


The Science team would love to see the experiments you do so  make sure you send your photos to


Food Technology

  Please click here for a power point induction Food lesson.

Click on the link  to find a video introducing you to Food Technology.  There’s also an activity you can complete.  If you do, make sure you email photos of your creation to us at

Introduction to Design Technology

Click on this link to find a great video introducing you to our Design Technology Department. There’s also an oblique drawing task you can participate in!

Crafty Creations Collage

Thank you so much for the wonderful and brilliant Art work we have received so far, we have really enjoyed looking at them and can’t wait to meet you all in person.

If you didn’t get chance to complete a collage, don’t worry, there’s still time, as we have decided to extend the deadline for another week, Friday 10th July 2020.

All the information you need is below with details on how to send it in to us.  So get crafty and creative, we are looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work.

We can’t have you in school at the moment but we would LOVE to get to know you all.  We’d like you to make a collage all about yourself using crafty bits and bobs.


What to do:

  • Think about how you can represent yourself, your personality and your hobbies/interests using craft items.
  • Please don’t use photographs – we want you to be as creative as possible!
  • You’ll need to include your first name (not your surname) somewhere on your collage. If you post your collage in to us, put your full name on the BACK.
  • Please use one side of A4 paper or card.

We’ll be sharing these with your form tutors and we’re exploring options to share them with you too.

Please send us your completed collage by 10th July

How to send your collage:

  • Photograph it and email it to Please only photograph the collage, not yourself and make sure your email includes your full name.
  • Send it in an envelope in the post to The Becket School, The Becket Way, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7QY.

Please be aware that the collages will be displayed on the website so you can start to find out more about the other people in your form.  There will be a special section for tutor groups in a few weeks.