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Exam Result Days


Examination Results will be available for collection on the following days and times:


Year 13            Thursday 16 August               From 8:00am in the Hall

Year 12            Thursday 16 August               From 9:00am in the Hall

Year 11            Thursday 23 August               From 8:00am in the Hall


You can make arrangements to receive your results in 3 ways:

  1. Collected by yourself, from the time stated above.
  2. Collected by another person, from the time stated above.  You will need to inform the Exams Office before the school term finishes, or the person collecting your results will need to bring a letter with them that is signed by you authorising them to collect your results.
  3. By post, in a s.a.e. handed into school f.a.o. Mrs Whitaker, Examinations Leader.


Christina Whitaker

Examinations & Data Leader