Outstanding Exam Results once again at The Becket!

Outstanding Exam Results once again at The Becket!
Posted On: August 24, 2017 2:04 pm

GCSE and A-Level exam headlines 2017



New accountability measures.

The Year 11 cohort sat the new, more challenging GCSEs in English and Maths for the first time. These were graded 9-1. Grade 7 is comparable to the old Grade ‘A’. Grade 4 has is regarded as a pass and grade 5 is considered a strong pass.


GCSE 2017
Average Attainment 8 5.67
Progress 8 Not yet available
% Basics (English and Maths Grade 4 and above) 80.2%
% Basics (English and Maths Grade 5 and above) 65.3%
% Ebacc (Pass) 43.7%
% Ebacc (Strong pass) 43.1%


Our headline figures are among the highest in the east Midlands.



A-Level 2017         (National)
A*-E (pass rate) 99.4%        (97.9%)
A* 9.2%          (8.3%)
A*-A 32.9%        (26.3%)
A*-B 62.2%        (53.2%)
Average points per student 148 .3
Average points per entry 34.2


Our A-Level results once again place us in the list of the top 100 state schools in the country (Average points per student)