Exam Success

Exam Success
Posted On: November 7, 2019 11:48 am

Well done to our year 11 students who sat their GCSE exams and got their results in August 2019. These were amazing results and the best we have had as a school.

  • The Becket’s progress score was +0.43 which means that our students got nearly half a grade higher in their GCSE’s than similar students in other schools – this is our highest progress score.
  • Over 21% of GCSE grades were 9 – 8 or A/A*
  • We were second in Nottinghamshire for GCSE results ( attainment ) out of 50 schools and this was mentioned in a recent Evening Post article.
  • The Becket was second in Nottinghamshire Diocese for progress ( out of 20 Catholic schools ).
  • We were sixth in Nottinghamshire for GCSE progress ( up from 14th last year ) out of 50 schools.
  • For the first time ever we were one of a few schools where pupil premium students achieved positive progress.

I have thanked our wonderful and dedicated staff for all the work they put in last year and now wish to publically thank our students and the families who supported them for what are a brilliant set of results.


Mr P. Greig