Brilliant Berlin 2018

Brilliant Berlin 2018
Posted On: November 15, 2018 12:23 pm

Brilliant Berlin!

Language Learning was brought to life for 26 amazing Year 11 students who experienced all that Brilliant Berlin had to offer at the beginning of the Half Term.

All students had the opportunity to speak German in real contexts and to understand contemporary German on billboards, in shops and even in restaurants. Students even enjoyed Mass in German!  Reconstructions of the Berlin Wall and its impact on communities brought the Cold War back to life for students.

Visits to the Holocaust memorial and Sachsenhausen concentration camp were a somber reflection on the devastating consequences of the Second World War, whilst walking round the spectacular Dome above the  Bundestag gave students the chance to experience exactly how Germany’s current parliament looks and feels.

When students were not visiting key sites, they were able to have some time experiencing the cultural delights of Berlin. The Ampelmann shop was a firm favourite. All students behaved in an exemplary fashion at all times and were a true credit to their school.


Post outside the Hostel                                                  Fernsehturm                                         Sony Centre Roof

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L Simpson

Deputy Leader of Learning MFL